Digital Evolution

Digital Evolution can simply be described as the digitization of traditional services, products and experiences. When Digital Evolution happens abruptly it can also be called Digital Disruption. As the term suggests, Digital Disruption disrupts an industry by creating radically more efficient ways of meeting the same needs of target consumers in a short period of time. Such change is inevitable and to stay afloat it is crucial for businesses to learn to adapt to these changes. We are here to help you understand the impact of Digital Evolution and Disruption and how you can actually profit from the changes.


Our expertise, both academic and business, is here to guide you into gaining a competitive advantage in this era of Digital Evolution and Disruption. Our team will help you to understand the current digital macro trends in your industry and what new technologies could be imported into your industry. Your curiosity and our cutting-edge tools will help you to discover new opportunities. Here are some examples of possible customized project ideas:

Preparing a digital strategy

How to avoid becoming obsolete: how could you transform your business to help you stay relevant in your market?

Identifying digital opportunities

What digital products could you build that leverage your existing resources and capabilities?

Going to market

How should you position your newly built digital product?

Here's how it could work:


First we would have a workshop with your management team on what are the prevalent norms and assumptions about the current state and future of your industry.


After careful examination we would start by creating contrarian theories about your industry's future. Then we would outline the key problems and subproblems that stand in the way of this contrarian future.


Then we would generate testable hypotheses and experiments to validate the contrarian theory.


Finally, we would assess whether our contrarian theory is true and whether it creates an exploitable opportunity in the industry.

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